First Squash Experience

FWP is fortunate enough to welcome another woman capable of bending the board and flattening some chests. Miss GG is a beautiful 600 lb woman who simply wanted to experience what it was like to place her full weight on a man. While she’s a bit reserved compared to some of the violent squashing you’ll find here on FWP, she’s definitely not shy about letting every one of her 600 lbs sink into Matt, which is intense in it’s own right considering it’s on the unforgiving wooden plank. It’s always fun to see one of these powerful women get their first taste of squashing… so don’t miss out! Watch as she learns to move her body and press his limits, while seemingly ignoring the fact that she’s literally crushing the life out of him. What’s inside?: squashing, ssbbw squashing, ssbbw butt drops, ssbbw trampling, double bbw squashing, chest sitting, belly sitting



Flopping and Dropping

In round two BB gets a break as Herman takes his lonely place looking up at 1,000+ lbs of women who are about to put a hurting on him. Almost immediately upon starting with some belly flops, Lolla as a wardrobe malfunction where the snap on her bra literally shot off. No problem here though… she exits off set for a quick change as BigmommaKat takes over. At one point you have BigmommaKat side sitting Herman while Lolla straddles his face, weight supported by knees, as she bounces up and down. There’s even an attempt at some forward facing drops to Herman’s face by Lolla. It doesn’t go as planned but at least she made the attempt! You also have BMK doing some full weight forward facing facesitting with some bouncing. She adds a couple of drops from a standing position for good measure After that, BMK retires for the set, but Lolla wasn’t done yet. She continues to do some forward facing butt drops to his face/chest. She progresses this to an onslaught of weight demolition from the side. What’s inside? bbw butt drops, ssbbw butt drops, bbw belly flops, double bbw squashing, bigmommakat, lolla blaze



BigmommaKat Smothers & Drops 130 lb

BigmommaKat found a new seat to play with and this time he’s only a tiny thing. She aptly called him Little Bulldog due to how small he actually is compared to the insane amount of pressure he’s able to handle. This guy’s only 5’3 and 130 lbs! Next to BMK’s 600 lbs, that’s an insane weight differential. In this video BigmommaKat relentless plasters her full weight onto LBD’s face and head as she smothers the life out of him on the couch. Imagine 600 lbs of powerful woman actually bouncing up and down on your head while you tap for mercy! At one point, when she actually decides to listen to one of his taps and get up, he smacks her ass and she punishes him with some 600 lb butt drops and bounces. This video is full of what you’d expect from BigmommaKat – awesome/dominant personality, full weight sitting, 600 lbs worth of dropping and bouncing, facesitting, and boob smothering.