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First Squash Experience

FWP is fortunate enough to welcome another woman capable of bending the board and flattening some chests. Miss GG is a beautiful 600 lb woman who simply wanted to experience what it was like to place her full weight on a man. While she’s a bit reserved compared to some of the violent squashing you’ll find here on FWP, she’s definitely not shy about letting every one of her 600 lbs sink into Matt, which is intense in it’s own right considering it’s on the unforgiving wooden plank. It’s always fun to see one of these powerful women get their first taste of squashing… so don’t miss out! Watch as she learns to move her body and press his limits, while seemingly ignoring the fact that she’s literally crushing the life out of him. What’s inside?: squashing, ssbbw squashing, ssbbw butt drops, ssbbw trampling, double bbw squashing, chest sitting, belly sitting